Caring For Carpet

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At Classic, we take pride in caring for your valuable assets. Carpets will last longer with regular maintenance. Australians typically spend 90% of their time indoors, so the appearance and feel of clean carpets is a must. In caring for your carpets we recommend that:

  • Carpets be vacuumed weekly.
  • Spot cleaning be carried out as soon as a spill occurs before it penetrates the carpet fibre and pile.
  • Professional Steam Cleaning be carried out every 12-18 months.

Periodic 'Deep' steam cleaning will re-vitalise your carpets removing soil and other matter that has settled beyond the reach of routine cleaning methods.

Carpet has a purifying impact on indoor air quality by absorbing some toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and trapping particulates present in indoor air. Regular carpet cleaning will remove these absorbed items from the residence.

Carpet manufacturers provide extensive warrantee over their product. Part of this warrantee is to ensure that carpets must be maintained to Australian Standards. Classic Carpet Cleaning uses methods of cleaning required to meet the Australian Standards.

Our powerful truck mounted machines will ensure the best possable clean for your carpets - Call Now for a free quote 4154 1273.

Upholstery Cleaning

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We purchase furniture to look good or to colour co-ordinate with other items and for how comfortable they are. Lounge Chairs, Office Chairs, Futons, Mattresses, Dining Chairs, Leather Lounge Chairs etc, all require maintenance to prolong their life and keep clean.

Rely on Classic Carpet Cleaning to provide the knowledge and experience to maintain these expensive items.


Without any protection at all, fibres can become soiled from atmospheric conditions and everyday use.

Fabric protection (Fluorocarbon) creates an invisible and powerful barrier surrounding each fibre to keep out soil, dust and liquids enabling easier removal when spills occur or at the next Upholstery Steam Clean.

Leather Lounge Cleaning

Leather requires routine cleaning to maintain and prolong it's luxurious appearance and condition. Annual  Professional cleaning with a mild solution will remove perspiration, dirt and oils that build up over time in your leather furniture. To prevent cracking, leather conditioner is applied and should be frequently re-applied.

Classic's leather lounge cleaning service is carried out on-site and at a time convenient to you. Call Today.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Let Classic rejuvinate your ceramic or porcelain floor tiles using our powerful truck mounted machines.

Our process uses a combination of heat, water pressure, detergents and vacuum to clean the tiles and top grout layer thoroughly. Water, soil and detergents are removed leaving floors ready to use within 30 minutes.

Grout lines can be sealed which involves applying a colourless protective treatment that sits on the surface of the grout that not only seals but allows the grout to breath as well.

Flood & Water Damage

You have returned home to the worst possable sight. A pipe has burst & there is water throughout the house..

It is important to dry all items that have been damaged such as walls, flooring, cupboards etc to reduce the amount of damage and mould growth. Sufficient expertise and drying equipment is required to do the job correctly. Short cuts will cost money in additional repairs and possible health issues.

We understand the problem and will work closely with your insurance company to make the restoration process professional & efficient.

Pest Control

Pest Control

We value our customers at Classic Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control and we offer affordable prices on all of our services.

Cockroaches -  Live off of vegetables and other food sources.They are noctournal insects that sleep during the day in cracks and crevices, storm water drains, sewers, etc, carring and spreading disease causing organisms.

Ants - Ants live in colonies and have the ability to organise themselves even when they number in the thousands. They will eat practically anything. In their search for food, they often end up infesting people's homes and are difficult to get rid of.

Webbing Spiders - These spiders rely on their silk to get around. They're usually found around windows and gutters or in curtains and railings.

Fleas - Cat and dog fleas lay eggs on the animal. Eggs fall to the ground and will lay dorment for up to 18 months before hatching, biting the animal and laying eggs for the cycle to continue.

Rodents - Cause a lot of damage with the chewing they do and can also transmit diseases easily. Roof rats are usually found in indoor roof voids. Norway rats prefer undisturbed, secluded places that may include roof and wall voids.

Our friendly team is ready to assist you in removing pests from your home. Call us on 4154 1273 for a free quote and we would be happy to help you in any way we can.